How to style your home for a party

So right now, depending on what part of the country you’re in you may, or may not, be back in some form of lockdown. Here in Greater Manchester, we’re back to no guests inside your home or garden. But that doesn’t mean your child’s Birthday party, anniversary or other occasion doesn’t need to be celebrated. So, whatever circumstances you’re facing, here are a few tips to create an extra special space in your own home. Whether you can have guests, or you can’t! It’s nice to make the day extra Fabulous.


  1. Use your current wall art. Why not swap out any pictures in frames with photos of your guest of honour. Or, you could add swags and garlands to add some colour and decoration.
  2. Brighten up the party table. Use some fabric or a bright tablecloth to liven up the dinning table. If you’ve got a theme, try and match it or stick with white if you want to go neutral. We have options for table dressings too, make it extra special with tablecloths and beautiful centre pieces.
  3. Dress up your windows and doors, inside and out.  Lights, streamers and balloons make the front of your house look really exciting. Not only that, if you are allowed guests, it’ll direct them to the right place. We can create any kind of balloon decoration to fit your theme and provide fittings/ties so they don’t blow away!
  4. Bring greenery and flowers in from outside. Right now, gardens are looking great! Why not bring pot plants inside or cut some flowers from your garden to decorate the house. This is especially good for a tropical-themed event. If you don’t have flowers, green branches and stems are equally fun and different. Don’t forget rooms like the loo – it’s something guests will probably use! If you go for a tropical theme, we can provide parrot or monkey balloons, among many other jungle animals!
  5. Organise with trays. Group food, drinks, and party gifts on colourful or elegant trays, depending on the type of event. This will save your table from ring marks, but also helps you put your hands on things quickly.
  6. Don’t leave the posh tableware hidden in a cupboard. For a more grown up affair, get out all that beautiful tableware you might have. There’s no point only using them at Christmas. Fancy tableware can really add some sparkle to an event. If your chairs are a bit battered too, we can provide you with chair covers.
  7. Set the mood with lighting. Swap out your light bulbs for coloured ones to create a stylish effect, especially for celebrations like Halloween or Pride parties. Candles are beautiful for grown up parties, but for kids’ events use LED tea lights and fun, string-lights instead.
  8. Don’t forget the bathroom. You could put fun surprises in the loo, like giant balloons or a simple game for people to play and compete with others by recording their scores on a blackboard. Clear everything else and leave plenty of soap and clean handtowels.
  9. Simple food. Food doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful. Think about how you can spend the most time with your family or guests. Try searching for simple dinner party menu ideas you can prepare ahead of time, or think about buying sandwich platters and simple oven treats for kids’ parties. If you’re a skilled baker, go for it! But don’t stress yourself baking a big cake if it’s not your best skill. You can buy them for all kinds of budgets and they’re great!
  10. Don’t forget the front of your house and hallway. We’ve created all kinds of Fabulous balloon arches and bespoke decorations to guide guests to a house and get people excited before they’ve even walked through your door. For kids on lockdown, it’s a way for neighbours and friends to know you’re still celebrating. Hallways are often forgotten, decorate with lights, photos and balloons. For children’s parties, these balloons can double as an extra for the party bags.

Don’t forget we offer contactless delivery, so you can still celebrate even the smallest event with a simple personalised balloon or go for it with the above suggestions.

Love The Fabulous Team x