Is Halloween 2020 cancelled?

Is Halloween 2020 cancelled?

Not if we’ve got anything to do with it!

Unfortunately, we are not ‘Ghosts of the Future’ so we have no idea if this year’s ‘Trick or Treating’ will be off. But, we wanted to share some spooky treats that you can do with all the family, lockdown or not.

So, if there is six of you, more or just you and your household, don’t worry it can still be really fun and scary for everyone.

  1. Plan ahead. To make any event special you do need to put in a bit of preparation! Just make a quick list of what you really want and buy everything now so you’re not rushing, or desperately trying to get an online shopping slot. If you can afford it, order decorations or prepared food. We can provide all kinds of fun decorations and buying simple food platters from Costo or Marks & Spencer can make life easy.
  2. Scary little monsters. The shops are already full of spooky little outfits for your minute monsters. Get an idea of what they want now. Leaving it too late can mean the best outfits, or the right sizes, are gone and they won’t be restocked. Home Bargains has loads of freaky things to buy this year. But move fast, some sizes are already out of stock.
  3. Look for fun events on the run up to Halloween that will be Covid secure. Places like Tatton Park in Cheshire is holding pumpkin picking at the farm. It might be the outdoor event that entertains the kids if Trick or Treating is off the cards.
  4. Decoration is key. You don’t need to spend fortunes to make the house look extra spooky. Inside and out you can still make it exciting for your kids, people passing and your neighbours. Make spiders’ webs out of cotton wool, save jars to put LED tea lights in (never use candles when children are playing), change the colour of your lightbulbs to green, red or orange, cut out black paper into bats, witches hats or pumpkins and stick around your windows, hang white sheets over the bannister or lampshades (only if safe to do so) and pin black, paper eyes on it.                                                                                                                                                                          We offer a range of eerie Halloween balloons too; call us today and we’ll decorate your house with scary balloons of all shapes and sizes. We offer contactless delivery too.
  5. Crafty, scary games. The old-fashioned ones are still the best. Fill a few buckets or washing-up bowls with water and get the kids ready for apple bobbing. We suggest doing this in the garden or with lots of towels at the ready! You can also create a ghoulish sensation guessing game – place wet, squelchy or cold items in large, blacked-out jars for them to guess what’s inside. Peeled grapes for eyeballs, cold custard for ghost slime and candy floss for spiders’ webs – if they can guess what they really are, they get a prize.
  6. Pumpkin carving. This is something that’s fun for everyone. You can get pumpkins in all shapes and sizes – use You Tube to find helpful ‘how to carve a pumpkin’ videos. Get some carved a few nights before with the kids and then save some for the evening itself. Make sure you always have an adult in charge of this. Again, this can have a prize for the most ghastly pumpkin!
  7. Fun with food.If you are into cooking, great! You can make biscuits or cakes in the shapes of fun Halloween figures. Why not save the decorating for the day so the kids can help. If you can’t bake, don’t worry – you can buy pre-made biscuits with the icing to decorate later. Local bakeries are fantastic at making themed treats, so just buy some if you haven’t got the time.
  8. Create a scary bathroom. You could put fun surprises in the loo, like giant spider balloons, or put some (washable) colouring down the loo to look like slime! You could always use a green-coloured toilet cleaner and keep topping it up. 
  9. Trick or Treat. In reality, this may not be able to go ahead, let’s wait and see. But you could set up a special Trick or Treat game inside instead. Hide sweeties in each room of the house (you can always have ‘Do Not Enter’ rooms with scary signs if necessary) and send the kids off to find them with their usual Halloween buckets/bags. Don’t forget to use the garden too – it’ll be tricky in the dark!
  10. Don’t forget to get creative in front of your house. Even if the kids can’t go out this year knocking on doors, it doesn’t mean we can’t still get ghostly outside. We can create scary balloon arches for your door, lights and pumpkins are still so much fun and if you’re really creative, why not use two pool noodles up-turned in a plant pot like they’re a witch’s legs! Use some black and purple/orange striped tights over the noodles and some boots on the end – they’ll look like the Wicked Witch has been crushed by your house!

If you want to try and still make it Fabulously scary this year, give us a call and we can offer some eerie balloon decorations for your house.

See below images for Halloween balloon options –

Love The Fabulous Team x