Tepees, balloons and so much fun…


We are so excited to announce our new partnership with SLEEPY LITTLE CAMPERS!

kids sleepover tepee

We are always looking at ways to make celebrations for children exciting, especially in our weird world we’re living in. So, we’ve found a wonderful little company that offers the most amazing and unique party tepees for children’s sleepovers.

The tepees come with little beds, snuggly cushions and duvet, and each child gets its own personalised gifts and sweet tubs. You can ask for just about any theme: Harry Potter, Fortnight, Unicorns, Fairy Princesses, whatever your child is addicted to.

And here at Fabulous, we can create balloons to make every theme come alive. We can even offer special treat balloons as party bags. Sleepy Little Campers also provides a big screen so children can have a movie night at the same time!

Right now, children’s parties can’t happen, but with Sleepy Little Campers and Fabulous, you could still create a wonderful enchanted experience for your little birthday boy or girl and their siblings.

Plus, we’re taking bookings well into next year – so let’s all plan something Fabulous to look forward to!

For more information speak to Vicky at Sleepy Little Campers on 07557 642150 or call us 07981 892595 and we’ll arrange the most Fabulous package for your Sleepy Little Camper.

(P.S. everything is Covid secure from Fabulous and Sleepy Little Campers.)