Mother’s Day 2021 – March 14 – balloons, cakes, photos and love

Here at Fabulous Rooms and Balloons we’ve come up with a few ideas to make Mother’s Day exciting this year.  We might not all be able to physically be with our Mums’, but we can show them we love them just the same.

  1. Send some of our beautiful Mother’s Day balloons – of course we’re going to say that, but they really are fantastic and such a welcome surprise. We’ll deliver on the day or before so you can surprise them – get in touch now.Mother's Day Balloons to buy
  2. Bake some cakes or cookies – mums love cakes! Why not try your hand at baking yourself and send a box in the mail or hand deliver. You can buy cupcake boxes from The Cake Decorating Company and securely post them so they arrive in one piece. Find your Mum’s favourite recipe online – ours will always be red velvet with vanilla icing.
  3. If you hate baking get someone else to do it for you! Elaine’s Creative Cakes is just the best baker in the region – she’ll make the most extravagant decadent cake, or a simple elegant sponge. Whatever your Mum would enjoy the most!Mother's Day Cakes manchester
  4. Flowers – now, we’d say send balloons and flowers, but of course it’s your choice. M&S, Bunches and Bloom in Wild are all great choices.Grandma's balloon for Mother's Day
  5. Homemade cards – if you have children yourself, why not get the kids involved and make a card for Grandma/Mum. Everybody loves the personalised touch. But if you’re running out of time, remember the online card shops do last minute deliveries!
  6. Photobooks – you cannot get any better than receiving a memory filled book to celebrate the good times. Photobox is fast and easy to use – create cards, mugs, albums – whatever you think your mum would love.

To all the MUMS out there, have a fabulous day!  You deserve it.

Love the Fabulous Team