Is it time for a Fabulous garden party?

We don’t know about you, but we are just relishing the sunshine – thank you for bringing some light into our lives!

Well, lockdown might be easing, but we still need to be careful. We can’t have those big parties we want just yet, but we thought, what’s to stop us having a lovely garden party?

Absolutely nothing! You’re allowed to get together in the rule of six or with one other family in your garden – in our eyes, that’s a party! We’ve selected some of our favourite bright and fun balloons that would liven up any garden. We can even offer a slightly heavier weight as well, so they don’t blow away. It’s all about the food and decoration – so go crazy, we all deserve it!

Our smiling sun face is happy, fun and is guaranteed to get people in the mood.

happy sunshine party balloon

Sunshine balloon decoration

We have plenty of our huge rainbow sunglasses balloons – perfect for taking selfies and pretending you’re Elton John.

Balloon of large rainbow sunglasses
Rainbow sunglasses balloon

And for any Summer vibe themed parties, don’t miss our ‘Good Vibes’ balloons depicting  everything we hope we’ll enjoy this summer.

Balloon saying good vibes with summer styled pictures
Good Vibes party balloon

It looks like we might not be travelling, but pretend you are with our holiday essentials balloon – you could even throw down some sand and get the sprinkler out!

Summer vibes balloon photo
Summer holiday essentials balloon

We also have a range of Summer themed smaller balloons to you want to add depth to your decorations or give them away at the end of the day. The kids will love them.

range of summer themed balloon decorations
Summer themed balloons

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to up your decorating game and turn your garden into a summer festival site, beach front or urban party place. All our balloons are delivered contact free and we can pretty much arrive when you need us.

Don’t forget if you want to really have fun and spoil the kids, who may not have had a Birthday party for some time, we have donut walls, candy carts and light-up numbers and letters.

Send us some pictures too – we’d love to see them.


Love the Fabulous team x