Balloons Birthday Event Party

New addition! Our pop-up booths are Fabulous

New addition! Our pop-up booths are Fabulous

Fabulous Rooms & Balloons is excited to announce that you can now hire a Pop-Up Booth with us! These booths offer a ‘do it yourself’ experience where you can have all the fun of capturing silly and fun photos in a much more affordable and hassle-free way!

Photobooths bring the fun factor to any event and bring all your guests together! The finished images can act as a memento for your guests to take home with them (they are even good as a wedding favour!). 

The Pop-Up Booths are the world’s first eco-friendly, cardboard photobooth experience. They are light-weight, flat packed and completely reusable! Once you have purchased one of these booth packages, it is yours to keep!

Amaze your guests with the flexibility that these booths offer. The photobooth software features allow you to take still photos, gifs, boomerangs, use filters and digital props which are then available to download online to share with your guests. 

No more closet-like booths that require you to cram all your friends into one shot – Pop-up Booths allow all your friends to fit!

Why not get a custom backdrop from us too and hire a glitter wall, flower wall or a balloon arch to add an extra wow-factor to your photos.

Our Booths to hire individually are £220. Pair with light up numbers for £280 or a shimmer wall for £300. For the whole package, hire all three for £340!

Place your orders or enquire now to get your hands on this exciting new way of capturing your best moments!

Balloons Birthday Event Party

Party in Style with our Fabulous Balloon Arches!

Party in Style with our Fabulous Balloon Arches!

Balloon arches have become a trendy focal point for events and the Kardashian family have truly made it a staple for your party! They are a fabulous way of setting the scene and bringing colour to your day.

Flower wall, light up numbers and balloon arch photo

Your balloon arch could be part of the welcoming of your guests and could be situated at the entrance or even as a feature wall where you can capture perfect photos to keep as memories!

Balloon arches come in various shapes, sizes and colours and can be embellished with unique and decorative details. From large balloon hoops and rings, to multicoloured balloon arches, we are here to help you choose the perfect style for you!

Balloon ring for events and parties

To create your perfect balloon arch, we first need to decide what your theme is. Do you have a specific theme or a colour scheme you would like to adhere to? Where would you like your balloon arch to be situated at your venue?

For children’s parties, we love to incorporate your child’s favourite character into the balloons and décor to make their day extra special. Here is an example of a princess themed balloon arch we did!

princess themed balloons arch

Matte balloon arches have become the trend for parties thanks to the Kardashian family and we love them! Simply have them as table decorations or as a huge feature for your event! We have previously paired these with a beautiful flower/glitter wall and light up letters/numbers to create the perfect backdrop for photos. Here are some examples of our previous work…

Don’t forget, we provide full venue dressing. We offer an array of flower and shimmer walls as well as light up lettering and numbers. To give your venue a personalised touch and an extra wow-factor, why not have your name/age in light up letters, alongside your balloon arch, as seen in many of our photos! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other ideas but are not able to see examples here, as we are always offering new products and services!

Place your orders to make your event even more FABULOUS!