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New addition! Our pop-up booths are Fabulous

New addition! Our pop-up booths are Fabulous

Fabulous Rooms & Balloons is excited to announce that you can now hire a Pop-Up Booth with us! These booths offer a ‘do it yourself’ experience where you can have all the fun of capturing silly and fun photos in a much more affordable and hassle-free way!

Photobooths bring the fun factor to any event and bring all your guests together! The finished images can act as a memento for your guests to take home with them (they are even good as a wedding favour!). 

The Pop-Up Booths are the world’s first eco-friendly, cardboard photobooth experience. They are light-weight, flat packed and completely reusable! Once you have purchased one of these booth packages, it is yours to keep!

Amaze your guests with the flexibility that these booths offer. The photobooth software features allow you to take still photos, gifs, boomerangs, use filters and digital props which are then available to download online to share with your guests. 

No more closet-like booths that require you to cram all your friends into one shot – Pop-up Booths allow all your friends to fit!

Why not get a custom backdrop from us too and hire a glitter wall, flower wall or a balloon arch to add an extra wow-factor to your photos.

Our Booths to hire individually are £220. Pair with light up numbers for £280 or a shimmer wall for £300. For the whole package, hire all three for £340!

Place your orders or enquire now to get your hands on this exciting new way of capturing your best moments!

Balloons Birthday Event Party

Party in Style with our Fabulous Balloon Arches!

Party in Style with our Fabulous Balloon Arches!

Balloon arches have become a trendy focal point for events and the Kardashian family have truly made it a staple for your party! They are a fabulous way of setting the scene and bringing colour to your day.

Flower wall, light up numbers and balloon arch photo

Your balloon arch could be part of the welcoming of your guests and could be situated at the entrance or even as a feature wall where you can capture perfect photos to keep as memories!

Balloon arches come in various shapes, sizes and colours and can be embellished with unique and decorative details. From large balloon hoops and rings, to multicoloured balloon arches, we are here to help you choose the perfect style for you!

Balloon ring for events and parties

To create your perfect balloon arch, we first need to decide what your theme is. Do you have a specific theme or a colour scheme you would like to adhere to? Where would you like your balloon arch to be situated at your venue?

For children’s parties, we love to incorporate your child’s favourite character into the balloons and décor to make their day extra special. Here is an example of a princess themed balloon arch we did!

princess themed balloons arch

Matte balloon arches have become the trend for parties thanks to the Kardashian family and we love them! Simply have them as table decorations or as a huge feature for your event! We have previously paired these with a beautiful flower/glitter wall and light up letters/numbers to create the perfect backdrop for photos. Here are some examples of our previous work…

Don’t forget, we provide full venue dressing. We offer an array of flower and shimmer walls as well as light up lettering and numbers. To give your venue a personalised touch and an extra wow-factor, why not have your name/age in light up letters, alongside your balloon arch, as seen in many of our photos! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other ideas but are not able to see examples here, as we are always offering new products and services!

Place your orders to make your event even more FABULOUS!


Who said romance is dead? Not us, we’ve got a beautiful range of Valentine’s Day Balloons and gifts that will wow your partner.

Who said romance is dead? Not us, we’ve got a beautiful range of Valentine’s Day Balloons and gifts that will wow your partner.

Why not do something a little different for Valentine’s Day 2022 and send the one you love a beautiful hand-crafted balloon gift?

We have a range of balloons that you can choose from, including offering a personal message on your chosen design. It’s a real wow gift and something different to the usual dinner and flowers.

Valentine's Day Balloon gifts

To make the balloons extra special, our Valentine’s themed, filled balloon includes a cuddly toy, chocolates and faux roses.  But we’re always happy to take suggestions too!

Valentine's Gift Balloon with extra items

If this year you’re making it the year of ‘the Big Question’, why not say it on a balloon? Will You Marry Me, has never looked so perfect…  

Will You Marry me balloon

And if red isn’t your colour or you want something completely unique, just call us, we can design in any theme that your partner would prefer – gold, silver, rose gold or every colour of the rainbow – whatever you need, we can do it!

light love Love letters for Valentine's day

We thought a few extra ideas might be helpful too, so here goes:

  • Why not get a delicious grazing board delivered alongside your balloons, we recommend The Deli Board Company
  • Reserve Wines offers delivery of exciting and expertly selected wines straight to your door
  • Cupcakes are always a winner – Elaine’s Creative Cakes is fabulous and local to us
  • Or if there’s one place your partner loves to eat, why not check out if they deliver and plan an all-round FABULOUS night.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Team Fabulous X

P.S. Last orders by 6 February.


Look who’s back? The Elf on a Shelf and magical Christmas Eve personalised balloons

Look who’s back? The Elf on a Shelf and magical Christmas Eve personalised balloons

If you’re a regular client of Fabulous Rooms and Balloons, you’ll know all about our Christmas balloons. But if you’re not, then where have you been?

Every Christmas we like to get the excitement really started with a wonderful, naughty, personalised Elf Arrival Balloon.

Elf arrival balloon

You can personalise these for your children and have them delivered in time for December 1st. Then the excitement comes from popping the balloon and letting the Elf escape! 

Sorry to all parents, but yes, you’re going to have to come up with some imaginative night-time action! 

Our best ideas are still, using flour/sugar to make elf footprints all over the kitchen counter while Elf raids the cookie jar, and, freezing the Elf during the day into water and positioning that morning (you’ll have to get up early) next to an Elsa doll like she’s frozen him solid!

Our personalised Christmas Eve balloons

On top of that, you’ve only got a few more weeks to book your Christmas Eve balloons – we can only deliver a limited number of these so don’t wait!

We create beautiful, personalised balloons for your children that are full of treats and chocolate and we’ll deliver them in time for Christmas Eve. You can even choose a cuddly toy, large crackers or DVDs to go with the balloons as an extra Christmas Eve gift.

Christmas eve treat balloons

Even more festive balloons

Don’t forget we have a further range of fun and festive balloon styles – you can order these from now:

Our beautiful 6 foot balloon Christmas tree, order for any get together or for an extra bit of fun this year.

Christmas tree balloon

Our fabulous balloon garlands are totally different for this year.  You can decorate any staircase or fireplace, door or bed. They make a wonderful, unique display and can last for several days if cared for.


We’re getting lots of requests for our lovely balloon door wreaths too. We can offer any colour – but get really festive with red, green and gold.

Balloon Christmas door wreath

And finally, why not pop Frosty the Snowman in your kitchen and Santa in the living room?

Father Christmas balloon

Love the

Fabulous Rooms and Balloons team X


We’ve been feeling the love creating beautiful backdrops and decorations for your weddings

We’ve been feeling the love creating beautiful backdrops and decorations for your weddings

I can’t tell you just how fabulous it feels to be back planning all of your special events again. We have been busy transforming venues across the country and have many more in the pipeline.

Lots of weddings have sadly been postponed due to the impact of Government restrictions but thankfully, long awaited celebrations are now back on the cards.

He’s a little catch up on what we’ve been up to recently:

The North West Wedding Awards

The highlight of our year so far is definitely being nominated in the prestigious North West Wedding Awards. We didn’t make the finals this year, but so pleased and grateful that our clients nominated us in the first place!  Thanks to all who did!

Venue Dressing

This is our absolute favourite thing when we get to create the beautiful backdrops to your special days. The way the venue is styled really sets the stage for your wedding or special event. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the beautiful bride’s face light up as she sees her dreams manifested before her on her special day.


It’s amazing how just a few well-chosen additions work together to really upscale the whole event. My favourites are the large light up decals. They set the perfect area for photographs for all your guests.

light love Love letters for wedding

Chair and table covers add a certain elegance to your event. Choose from a range of stunning shades or organza to co-ordinate with your theme. They look beautiful with the crisp, classic white linen.

wedding dressing room decorations

Table settings and centre pieces can really individualise your wedding. One idea is to decorate each table in a variation of a theme, for example one couple had every table as their favourite films – there was a Moulin Rouge themed table with rich red colours and French themed favors and even a Grease themed setting with Pink Lady Cocktails. Let your imagination run wild. We’ll support you to help you create exactly what’s right for you.

room setting for wedding

We’re also seeing many seasonal themes; autumnal colours and candles are coming in and don’t forget, sensational winter weddings are just around the corner.

We can provide you with inspiration or match your already chosen theme. Take a look at our Wedding packages here.

Love the

Fabulous Rooms and Balloons team X


We’ve been nominated for The North West Wedding Awards 2021!

We’ve been nominated for The North West Wedding Awards 2021!

We’re so chuffed to be nominated for the North West Wedding Awards 2021.  Thank you so much for any of our Fabulous clients that have voted for us!  We are so grateful and happy you love our work!

The voting is open until the end of the month (31 August) and you can vote for all of your favourite wedding suppliers here:

It’s just so amazing to be back talking to Brides and Grooms again…

We’ve missed being part of their special day.

The awards ceremony is in October so wish us luck!

Love The Fabulous Team x

logo of bridal awards nominee


It’s true. Turning 40 really is f-a-b-ulous!

It’s true. Turning 40 really is f-a-b-ulous!

Turning 40 is something we all seem to approach with trepidation.

The pandemic hit and my thoughts about turning 40 blurred into the background. I think it’s helped to change a lot of people’s outlooks on life, and I certainly treasure my time and those close to me more than ever before. I’ll never take ‘hugs’ for granted again.   

Lets get together

My 40th birthday was the perfect opportunity to connect with all the special people in my life I have missed so much over lockdown.

I love planning celebrations so had lots of ideas of what I would like for my own party.

Chic Pink & Twinkles

The colour theme I chose was inspired by my love for chrome balloons, they are really effective and matched my beautiful cake.

Flower wall, light up numbers and balloon arch photo

I adore the sumptuous pinks and lavish gold dripping on my cake made by Elaines Creative Cakes

Birthday Cake image

The flower wall was great for creating a stunning effect and became our ‘selfie zone!’

Centre piece decoration

These gorgeous decals lit up the party, literally. They have a stunning effect, especially as the light begins to disappear later on… #fab

Light up letters

A gazebo is a perfect way to section off a party area, as well as being able to contend with this mixed weather we are having at the moment. The chair covers and table runners added that little touch of class and reflected the theme perfectly.

Dressed Birthday Pagoda

The kids

It was great to see the children playing on the bouncy castle together. The Candy Cart was a particular hit! And not just with the children!

The thing that sticks in my mind was my cousin’s fiance Billy trying to use the monkey bars on the children’s play area and breaking them. What an absolute blast!

I better get planning my 41st

If you would like any further info about any of the above please drop me a message here. I would be more than happy to help you plan the perfect event.

Our suppliers are just the best! We do a range of packages to suit your budget.

Check out my social media for more inspiration.

Love Helen x


Celebration time is back – don’t forget the Birthday Balloons

Celebration time is back – don’t forget the Birthday Balloons

It’s so nice to see so many people out and about again now lockdown is lifting (a little).  Birthday’s are being celebrated in restaurants and bars – outside weddings are happening again! We’ve supplied some beautiful balloons to go with them recently and can’t wait to do more.

I’m sure you’ve seen some of our gorgeous displays in people’s houses recently:

celebration large light up letters Many of you are asking for Birthday Balloons and more for centre pieces for your favourite restaurants. We’ve created Champagne Bottle Balloons, numbered Birthday Balloons, Mr & Mrs Balloons and Hen Party balloons in the last week alone.

Here’s some of our favourites – and don’t forget you can have them too. We’ll deliver direct to your door or to the venue itself so the surprise is in place for when you arrive.

Please do always ask us for any special themes or personal touches – we love creating something new.

Balloons and light up letters

It won’t be long until we can celebrate with so many more people – go on spoil them rotten with beautiful decorations and balloons.  We all need to make some special memories…

Love The Fabulous Team x


Is it time for a Fabulous garden party?

Is it time for a Fabulous garden party?

We don’t know about you, but we are just relishing the sunshine – thank you for bringing some light into our lives!

Well, lockdown might be easing, but we still need to be careful. We can’t have those big parties we want just yet, but we thought, what’s to stop us having a lovely garden party?

Absolutely nothing! You’re allowed to get together in the rule of six or with one other family in your garden – in our eyes, that’s a party! We’ve selected some of our favourite bright and fun balloons that would liven up any garden. We can even offer a slightly heavier weight as well, so they don’t blow away. It’s all about the food and decoration – so go crazy, we all deserve it!

Our smiling sun face is happy, fun and is guaranteed to get people in the mood.

happy sunshine party balloon

Sunshine balloon decoration

We have plenty of our huge rainbow sunglasses balloons – perfect for taking selfies and pretending you’re Elton John.

Balloon of large rainbow sunglasses
Rainbow sunglasses balloon

And for any Summer vibe themed parties, don’t miss our ‘Good Vibes’ balloons depicting  everything we hope we’ll enjoy this summer.

Balloon saying good vibes with summer styled pictures
Good Vibes party balloon

It looks like we might not be travelling, but pretend you are with our holiday essentials balloon – you could even throw down some sand and get the sprinkler out!

Summer vibes balloon photo
Summer holiday essentials balloon

We also have a range of Summer themed smaller balloons to you want to add depth to your decorations or give them away at the end of the day. The kids will love them.

range of summer themed balloon decorations
Summer themed balloons

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to up your decorating game and turn your garden into a summer festival site, beach front or urban party place. All our balloons are delivered contact free and we can pretty much arrive when you need us.

Don’t forget if you want to really have fun and spoil the kids, who may not have had a Birthday party for some time, we have donut walls, candy carts and light-up numbers and letters.

Send us some pictures too – we’d love to see them.


Love the Fabulous team x


Spring is here, lockdown may be over soon…It’s time to celebrate Easter with family, chocolate, great food and decorations

Spring is here, lockdown may be over soon…It’s time to celebrate Easter with family, chocolate, great food and decorations

We cannot wait for Easter to be here – it’s a real sign that spring has sprung, the weather is improving. Why not spoil the children this year with some of our fabulous Easter themed balloons. We’ve got treat filled bunnies that can be personalised with your child’s name – they’re really fun and can get any Easter Hunt started.

Easter Bunny Balloon to buy

Each balloon can be filled with chocolate eggs and a teddy – and we can provide boxed Easter eggs to go with it and cards. So, if you’re looking for an eggs-tra special gift for family or friends (sorry couldn’t resist), look no further!

And don’t forget there are lots of Birthday’s still happening – please do check out our gallery for new and unique Birthday balloons from children’s favourite characters, to personalised giant balloons, numbers and animals.

Happy Easter everyone – we’re nearly there, the end of lockdown is in sight.


The Fabulous team  x